Maldi ToF Range

Since the 1980s, mass spectrometry technology has became a powerful method for protein analysis. Now, as an important member of mass spectrometry, MALDI-TOF MS (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry) has has become key to the microbiological clinical laboratory for the identification of pathogenic bacteria.

MALDI-TOF MS with its fast, accurate, cost effective, and constantly enrich the database and so on, which greatly improves the efficiency of clinical microbiology identification. Especially microaerobes, anaerobes, mycobacteria and fungi.

Key features

Key features

Autof ms1000
Autof ms2000

Sample throughput – 350 tests per hour

Sample throughput – 960 tests per hour

337nm Nitrogen laser with 400 million laser shots

355nm solid-state laser with 7 Billion laser shots

Mass accuracy – 60ppm

Mass accuracy – <100ppm

Vacuum – 1*10-7mbar1 turbomolecular pump + 1 mechanical pump

Vacuum – 1*10-7mbar1 turbomolecular pump + 1 Oil-free membrane pre-vacuum pump

Vacuum waiting time – less than 1 minute 

Vacuum waiting time – less than 1 minute