Skyla Hi CRP Reagent Kit

The Skyla Hi CRP reagent kit is an immunoassay used with Skyla Hi Analyzer which provides quantitative measurement of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) concentration in human serum, plasma, and whole blood. The test result provides information for the evaluation of infection, tissue injury, inflammatory disorders, and associated diseases. CRP is one of the cytokine-induced acute-phase proteins. The level of CRP in the blood normally below 5 mg/L in healthy person, and above 10 mg/L is typically considered to be clinically significant. This threshold is often exceeded within four to eight hours after an acute inflammatory event, with CRP values reaching approximately 20 to 500 mg/L. Additionally, NICE guidelines also recommend the use of CRP results to guide antibiotic prescribing. Immediate antibiotic treatment should be offered if the CRP level is more than 100 mg/L and a delayed prescription should be considered at levels between 20 and 100 mg/L. Antibiotics are not recommended for CRP levels less than 20 mg/L.

Rapid on-site in vitro test for the detection and quantitation of C-Reactive Protein
Simple test procedure with less than one minute hands on time
Sample Medium: Whole blood, serum or plasma
Sample Volume: 5µl; measuring range: 5 – 200 mg/L.
No requirement for calibration, servicing or maintenance.
Result Time: 5 minutes
Tests can be used straight out of the fridge (no warm-up period required). If needed, the tests can be stored at room temperature for up to 4 weeks.
Analyser provides a full audit trail for results (e.g. operator & patient IDs, date/time, lot no/expiry date, analyzer serial no., etc).

CRP test on Skyla Hi Analyzer

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