Autof ms2600 Pos/Neg Ion Mode MALDI - TOF

The Autof ms1600 and ms2600 are a Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation–Time of Flight mass spectrometry microbial identification system with the ability to change between postive and negative Ion modes. MALDI’s purpose is to fire a laser on to the co-crystallisation film formed by the target plate samples and matrix. The matrix absorbs energy from the laser and transmits it to the sample, heating up and vaporising a small quantity of matrix and sample. The process of ionisation is when the target molecules receive or donate protons, making them charged ions. The TOF principle is to accelerate the ions under a uniform electric field, meaning the differences in acceleration are based on the different masses of the ions (they all carry the same charge), and then to plot them on a graph with mass to charge ratio (m/z) on the x-axis and relative abundance or intensity on the y axis