Autostreak S1800

Sample pretreatment is a key step in microbiology. Rapid, effective and standard sample pretreatment is one of the important conditions for reliable, efficient and rapid diagnostics results. Meanwhile, sample pretreatment is a time-consuming and laborious repetitive activity, which occupies a large amount of analysis time for experienced personnel, and biosafety risks exist in the manual inoculation process for operators, which is difficult to avoid the influence of human factors on the results. Automated and standardized microbial sample pretreatment system can make microbial sample pretreatment more efficient, process more standardized, results more accurate, and personnel safer.

AutoStreak S1800 microbial sample pretreatment system can perform a series of operations on sputum,urine, and other liquid samples, such as code scanning, automatic opening and closing of the cap, homogenization, quantitative streak inoculation, barcode printing and pasting, etc., to achieve standard operation and improve the bacterial isolation rate.