BC120 Blood Culture

The Automated BC120 Blood Culture system adopts advanced non-invasive and visualization technology with a unique optical detection system which realises full automation of blood culture testing; its stable temperature control system and reliable vibrating model greatly shortens the detection time of positive results and reduces the false positive rate.
Special selected V and X factors added on the culture medium improves detection rate of fastidious bacteria
Addition of Macroporous resin and cation resin assure great capability of antibiotic neutralization
Vacuum quantitative blood collection supported.
Double bar code management for traceability of analysis
High-strength plastic material of the bottle guarantees reliable biosafety
Minimum positive sample detection time is 3 hours
2 incubator drawers of 60 cells deliver 120 cell capacity
Control module handles up to 5 incubator modules for capacity up to 600 cells
Exclusive touch-screen operation provides instant visual and audio alerts for positive bottles
High-precision temperature control system keeps constant temperature of culture bottle
Continuous detection in 10 minutes, minimum positive sample detection time is 3 hours
Non-invasive detection reduces pollution and ensures accurate results
3 test steps: click-scan-load bottle
3 result conversion models, anonymous and deferred bottles detection supported.
3 alarm methods: voice, light, electricity
Visualized and graphical interfaces, bacterial growth curve assure clear detection report
Statistical analysis of blood culture status and workload data

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