Skyla™ Hi Lipid Panel PLUS

Rapid on-site in vitro test for the quantitative determination of Blood Glucose (GLU), High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL), Total Cholesterol (TC) and Triglycerides (TG). The values of Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL), Very Low-Density Lipoproteins (VLDL) and Cholesterol / HDL Ratio (TC/HDL) are then calculated.
Device Format: Cassette (single use)
Sample Medium: Whole blood (fingertip or venous), serum or plasma
Sample Volume: 30 µL
Result Type: Quantitative
Result Interpretation: Using Skyla Hi Analyzer
Result Time: 8 minutes
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture (2-8°C until expiry or 15-25°C for 4 weeks)
Storage Temperature: 2–8°C
Regulatory Approval: CE marked for professional use

Lipid Panel test on Skyla Hi Analyzer

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